3 Must-Watch Gambling-Themed Movies to Inspire the Punter in You

Blog post - 3 Must-Watch Gambling-Themed Movies to Inspire the Punter in You

Fans of casino games and films, rejoice. If you need the inspiration to boost your confidence or motivate you to become a better gambler, then you should take a minute from all your online casino gaming to watch an excellent gambling-themed movie.

There are many excellent films to watch out there, but this article picks three of the most entertaining and memorable ones. However, watch these movies with a grain a salt, as not all of these depictions are accurate.

  1. “The House,” a.k.a. How to Turn Your Home Into a Casino

If you enjoy comedy films, then this movie is for you. Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s tandem is hilarious as they play a married couple in desperate need of money for their daughter’s college tuition. With the help of their newly-divorced friend, Frank, they team up to run an underground casino within their suburban neighborhood.

This movie serves as a not-so-serious depiction of how to run a casino. The ensemble delivers a combination of comedy and satire, presenting the high stakes world of gambling from a new perspective. If you're looking to have a great time, and have lots of laughs, then this movie is for you.

  1. “Runner Runner” – Could This Duo Be Any Hotter

This movie delves into the world of poker, featuring one of the hottest movie duos the world has ever seen. The unlikely yet highly attractive tandem of Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck tells the story of a poker enthusiast (Timberlake) who crosses paths with a wealthy online gambling magnate (Affleck). This movie is worth watching as it takes the audiences more in-depth into the underbelly of gambling.

Issues on statistics, legalities, and fraud are tackled in the film and set against the breathtaking sceneries of Puerto Rico. This movie will appeal to all types of gambling fans, especially with the help of such gorgeous and talented actors. However, more than its entertainment factor, the movie sheds light on important information about the gambling industry. Heavily based on a real person, Nat Arem, Timberlake portrays a former accountant who used statistics to reveal cheating in online poker.

  1. Casino Royale – A Must Watch for Every Punter

If you're looking to complete your gambling-themed movie marathon, be sure not to miss out on a classic. All the glamour, high-stakes action, and the top-notch performance of Daniel Craig are enough to inspire the punter in you. Whether you're into the remake film or the 1967 version, you're in for a visual treat. James Bond, taking on a global terrorist while in a poker match, is one of the most iconic and unforgettable scenes of the movie.

These films are just a handful of those that show audiences what it's like to live and breathe the world of gambling. Allow yourself to be inspired, but still, make sure to separate the facts from fiction.

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